Free membership for under 25s

Membership of Wigton Motor Club costs £20 for single membership or for families with children under 18 all living at the same address.. This brings you a copy of Start Line every every month and discounted entry fees to events. If you do two or more of the major WMC events per years you will save more than your membership fee. Membership runs from January 1st. If you join at the Classic Show in August you get the whole of the following year free.

Please see the membership form for how to pay, either via the internet with an emailed copy to the membership secretary, or by cheque with a hard copy of the form.

Wigton Motor Club is a member of the Cumbria Motor Sport Group (CMSG), the Association of the North East and Cumbria Car Clubs (ANECCC), the Association of the North West Car Clubs, the Association of West of Scotland Car Clubs (AWSCC) and the North of England and Scotland Classic Rally Organisers, (NESCRO). This means that WMC members can compete as members of an invited club at events from the north of Scotland to the Midlands.

Application form.